IT Floor Services (ITFS) helps businesses avoid extra cost, complexities, and risks involved in the IT supply chain, not only at the hardware level but also at the software level.

From selecting the right product mix as per business needs, benchmarking and procurement to build management and deployment of IT products, we partner with our customers at every stage of the IT supply chain.

Through our in-house team of experts and relationship with industries leading vendors, OEMs, and providers of SaaP, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, we cater our services to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors and industries.

Salient Features of Source and Deploy:

–        05 years of experience in sourcing and deployment

–        Relationship with leading vendors, OEMs and software providers

–        An in-house team of product and market experts

–        One stop shop for all IT needs

–        End-to-end solution